EPROM\’s new Samurai EP will make you re-think bass music, and all music. The four track EP is currently available worldwide and consists of three EPROM originals along with a collaboration with G Jones. The EP begins with eerie noises and spine-tingling laughter, then the bass comes. It\’s a whirlwind of bass that is layered within the deepness, the production is nothing short of remarkable. The brain-boggling bass can only be understood by experiencing it but even then the sounds will leave your mind in a haze. I can attest to this fact personally, having attended EPROM\’s performance at Low End Theory Festival last weekend, the bass shattered the audience, then reassembled us.

I could go on describing this truly evolutionary step in music but I would rather just cut to the chase, click here to listen to the Samurai EP.  And go follow EPROM.