Probcause\’s new album featured producers such as Griz, Gramatik, The Geek x Vrv, Exmag and more, further bridging the gap between rap and electronic music. Colin Grimm\’s (Probcause) involvement in the electronic scene stemmed from the friendships he developed through his friends Manic Focus and Exmag. It was only a matter of time before he collaborated with them.

It really all came together in a really organic way, like nothing was too forced. I met everybody at music festivals and through Manic Focus and Exmag who I was already friends with and so I just kind of became a part of this circle of friends and it was amazing. I love Griz’s music, I love Gramatik’s music and so to have them produce some of the bigger tracks on the album was like a dream. It was dope.

\’Drifters\’ properly represented the funky side of the electronic world, but Grimm also made sure his Chicago roots were clearly visible on his new project by bringing up many artists from the \’Windy City.\’ The rapper feels privileged to combine elements of the talented Chicago scene with rising electronic-soul artists.

I’m involved with these two different scenes, I’m involved with the local Chicago scene, which I love and try to be a supporter of and I’m a fan of this electronic funk, jam future shit that’s happening. So it’s cool to be in a position to combine both elements, you know? So to have like Exmag and The O\’My’s on a song, that’s some crazy ass shit.

Although \’Drifters\’ included many up and coming artists from the 773, Probcause has been working with Chicago artists for a long time now. One of his most popular tracks, \’LSD\’, featured a verse from Chance the Rapper. The song was later remixed by The Hood Internet and gained even more popularity.

Me and Chance have been friends for a while and so that just kind of like happened. We were supposed to do this other song, the Three Course Meal joint with Action Bronson and Chance. So when Chance and I were in the studio to record that, I was playing him stuff from my new album, he heard LSD and was like ‘Damn, this is crazy, can I get on this?’ He literally wrote and recorded a verse that day, we didn’t even do the other song till a couple months later. So it was just one of those things, where we were hanging out a bunch and made some music.

Even though the new album from Probcause truly established the connection between funky electronic music and Chicago talent, Grimm\’s first involvement in in the scene originates from electronic wonder woman, Ill-esha, for being one of the first recognized artists to give him a chance on \’Let Me See\’.

It was dope. That’s family, she’s been a homie forever. Going out there and shooting a video, making the song was really dope. Forever I will love that girl for being one of the first artists with recognition who worked with me, that gave me shot. So, shouts to her.

\’Drifters\’ was released on Lowtemp Music. Grimm is already working on another album and there are supposed to be many more upcoming collaborations with Gramatik\’s label and All Good Records, Griz\’s label.

 I’ve already started working on another album. Me and Gramatik have about four songs that we haven’t put out yet. So, expect more collaborations with us two, more stuff with Lowtemp, more stuff with All Good, more stuff with Bonafyde. That’s my circle so I’m going to make music with them and hopefully a Gibbz/Exmag/Probcause project is coming down the road soon….

Photo Credit: The Untz