The upcoming independent TV series \”Momentum\” has been in the works since the infamous box office flop that was \”We Are Your Friends.\”  Now, nearly a year later, we\’re excited to see the first glimpse of what\’s to come for this promising new project. Past attempts to bring EDM to the big screen and television sets have been lukewarm at best, but the creators of Momentum are primed to excel where others have failed: in elevating the dance music scene, its brands, and its artists.

\”Momentum is the pseudo realistic drama that follows protagonist Michael Morris, a broke millennial catapulted into the electronic music spotlight when his track is leaked on the internet. Michael is thrown into the fast life of DJ culture, and must navigate his way through the chaos of massive success while deciding what is worth sacrificing. His family, his friends, his health and most importantly his beliefs, all take a massive toll along this bumpy ride veiled with the prospect of fame and dollar signs.\”

The Series will serve not only as a true to life drama, but also as a platform to accelerate the promotion of new music and brands from the dance music world. The creators, led by Michael C. Morello, are deeply invested in the growth and well being of the scene, and are striving to bring all types of creators into the fold throughout the making of this series.

From deep in the underground electronic music world of New York City, comes the first glimpse of Momentum. Check out the trailer below, and stay tuned for the pilot episode to be released this fall.