There are many outside the EDM scene who view raves as nothing more than large parties. To dedicated ravers, however, they represent something that many of us feel is lacking in the modern world. These events provide a safe place where many can express who they truly are, and show kindness to strangers on a level not commonly seen in day to day life.

Insomniac Events is one of the few large-scale coordinators who attempts to reflect this mindset in their business practices, and they are demonstrating this at Nocturnal Wonderland this year. The company’s charity division, Insomniac Cares, is partnering with two major organizations: To Write Love on Her Arms, and Shade Tree of Las Vegas.

To Write Love on Her Arms focuses its efforts on suicide prevention by connecting affected individuals in a way that humanizes their struggles and grows their support networks. They will be returning to Nocturnal Wonderland for the second time in order to display an exhibition on the interior of the event. In the organization’s own words,

At the heart of this campaign is an ask: that you will keep going, that you will stay and fight…we should win and lose together, for that’s the way it’s meant to be. That’s a life best lived.


Shade Tree of Las Vegas is an emergency shelter for Women and Children, and the recipient of the funds from Insomniac Cares’ charity auction this year. They are using this money to redesign Shade Tree’s children’s activity center. Alongside this redesign, they are organizing a book and art supply drive located at the festival grounds of Nocturnal Wonderland, so that attendees can further demonstrate their support. It will be possible to donate at any of the major check-in points at the festival grounds.


Actions such as these demonstrate Insomniac’s tangible efforts towards bringing the values of peace, love, unity, and respect to the world outside of EDM. Their actions show that, while it is easy to display the support and togetherness that raving brings inside event grounds, we can do much more. By continuing to uphold our values of kindness and empathy outside of the rave we can give back some of the joy we’ve received, and demonstrate we care about more than just partying.


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