\”According to a recent sample study of Ultra Music Festival\’s attendees, if you ask 100 audience members to pee in a cup in exchange for a $20 Dunkin’ Donuts gift card, 80 just might test positive for drugs.\” – Kabir Khiatani

Such were the results analyzed by the Center for Forensic Science Research & Education. Despite UMF\’s tenured relationship with Miami, the slew of drug related incidences last year including the death of 21 year old Adonis Peña Escoto have Mayor Tomás Regalado lobbying for an end to UMF\’s Miami front.

Initial criticisms of the study have pointed out the fact that this sample of only 100 attendees, is not necessarily indicative of a pervasive problem among the 160,000 plus who attend the festival each year. While this is a valid point, some of the results from the study are still testament to concerning issues.

According to the Center for Forensic Science Research\’s  Executive Director Dr. Barry Logan, many attendees who were sold what they believed to be designer drugs, were actually sold a dangerous substitute

“We found a lot of the time what they thought they were taking was not what they were taking.” – Barry Logan, PhD

That substitute is the synthetic drug Alpha-PVP, a bath salt also known by its street name \”gravel.\” According to his toxicology report, Adonis Peña Escoto overdosed on this deadly substance last year.

“It proved my point that the festival should not be in downtown Miami or in the city of Miami,” said Regalado after reviewing the results of the study. Regardless of the study\’s findings, UMF is set to move forward with its 17th outing. Former Miami Beach police chief Ray Martinez will once again lead the crackdown on illicit substances. Expect a security increase compared to previous years.

“The safety and security of our attendees, artists/performers, and personnel remain our utmost priority and concern…The organizers of Ultra Music Festival have a long-standing zero tolerance drug policy and continually work with law enforcement officials to enforce such policy” Martinez stated.

Via MiamiHerald