Over the past two weekends the city of Dover, Delaware has accumulated almost $100 million after hosting Firefly Music Festival and Big Barrel Country Music Festival (…) in the scenic Woodlands area. Although Firefly attracted 10,000 more people than last year and was joined by a whole Big Barrel crowd the next weekend, Dover\’s Mayor, Robin Christiansen, believes the rain gave the guests a good reason to come into town. Cindy Small, the Executive Director of Kent County Tourism, also noticed the great success of these festivals.

\”It\’s kind of been like Christmas in June here for us,\” said Small. Along with providing a pretty penny for Dover, the attendees of Firefly mostly kept out of trouble throughout the weekend and crime was said to be limited. Coincidentally, the fans at Big Barrel caused a bit of a ruckus when a few attendees were defending their right to wave the Confederate flag during the country music festival. Figures. But in the end, this really shows how music festivals can contribute to our economy and give towns a little boost when they need it. Who wouldn\’t want $100 million?