American sensation Teez returns with a new collaboration featuring French electronic/pop music producer duo Darwin x Mainecoon. It comes as the perfect middle ground following the success of “Whistle,” which built a prime foundation for his latest masterpiece.

Teez and Darwin x Mainecoon met just after Darwin x Mainecoon’s Isolated release (in collaboration with Akalex released in Summer 2018). The two artists then decided to join forces for “Without You,” a delicious mix of future bass and Jersey club, with a heady pop voice interpreted by Darwin.

“I first heard of Darwin x Mainecoon with their release ‘Isolated’ ft. Akalex. That track completely re-inspired my musical direction & creativity. I immediately contacted Darwin x Mainecoon to work on a project, as soon as I could. They sent me over an early export of ‘Without You.’ Instantly, I was hooked by Darwin’s voice & the melodic structure of the track. They sent me over the stems & I took my time perfecting ‘Without You’ start to finish.”Teez