Disclosure recently announced the cover and title of their second albumCaracal, but their announcement initiated a response from SBTRKT in the form of several Tweets pointing out the similarities between their new artwork and the artwork of his second album, Wonder Where We Land.

SBTRKT was saddened to see that Disclosure\’s new artwork was just another \”anonymous cat\” theme but the latest tweets from SBTRKT show a different side of the story.

@jonrsinn @disconaivete \’anonymous cat\’ common album theme. ;/

— S B T R K T (@SBTRKT) June 8, 2015

  In SBTRKT\’s latest Tweets he firmly states that he simply noticed a similarity between the artworks and still holds great respect for the group.

For anyone @ ing me. I\’m not looking for press. I tweeted at someone about artwork. Disclosure are great guys and musically unique. End of

— S B T R K T (@SBTRKT) June 8, 2015


The artwork of Disclosure\’s first album was also surrounded by controversy because it followed the theme of masks just like SBTRKT\’s first LP. Can you see the similarity between the new art?