Chicago underground fans will certainly be familiar with the artists behind the new collective/collaborating act Dirty Dish. Whether performing at Team SSS parties, warehouse and loft events or any of the various clubs around the city that hosts them individually, all four members have paved their way as artists through Chicago\’s underground scene and approach the decks with a satisfaction guarantee. The three artists, Amy Unland, LeSprite, and Romasoul are now collaborating to host and perform at various club events, having just performed at Rodan last weekend and having their collaborative premier at Spybar this Thursday.

Let\’s take a brief introduction to each of the members that will be performing.

Amy Unland (Kid Delicious) (Soundcloud and Facebook)


From the time that she purchased her first pair of turntables in 2001, Amy Unland a.k.a. Kid Delicious has been dedicated to electronic music. Her delicious fusion of tribal beats and dirty techy basslines has earned her residencies at many clubs and lounges throughout the United States. She has also performed at festivals throughout the United States including Ultra Music Festival in Miami, Florida and Riverwest Music Festival in Chicago.

In 2007 Amy relocated to Los Angeles, California where she played at clubs and lounges throughout the West Coast area. Amy relocated to Chicago in 2010 where she currently plays at some of the city’s top venues. She is a resident at SSS where she is involved in throwing some of the best warehouse parties in Chicago.

When she is not in the booth you can find her in the studio focusing on production. She is currently signed to several labels which have released her original tracks and remixes. Stay tuned for more delicious sounds coming soon!

LeSprite (Soundcloud and Facebook)


Lesprite is a Chicago based artist, DJ, promoter.
After moving to Chicago to complete her BA in Illustration at Columbia College, she ended up falling into the music scene. Coming from a classically trained background in piano, voice, dance, and acting, she quickly took to DJing and promotion and found a second creative outlet in those industries.

A refined track selection reflects her wide-ranging music taste. From getting her start playing industrial and techno (with a little bit of J- Pop!) she then moved on to the glitzy sounds of disco/nu disco, italo, and eventually Chicago House.
Living in Chicago for over a decade, house music had an incredible impact on her style, but being from Michigan her roots are definitely in Detroit Techno. Her more current DJ sets now mix the bouncy beat of classic house, encompassing sounds of deep house and the dark, hard hitting beats of techno.

Lesprite is also ½ of the promotional group “PlusPlus (++).” Together as self-proclaimed “Fun Consultants,” the duo throws parties, promotes events, and DJ’s regularly around the city. They are the brains behind the acclaimed bi-monthly party entitled “Dark + Deep” which hosts an array of top-notch DJ’s from both Chicago and abroad
Her most recent endeavors include collaborating with Chicago music producers, recently releasing tracks featuring her vocals on a local record label.

Lesprite is truly an all-around creative mind, always adding something new to the mix. Catch her set, follow her facebook, and stay tuned to see what she has in store next

Romasoul (Soundcloud and Facebook)


Balkan Beats with a lot of Chicago influence… Romasoul is originally from Sarajevo, but has been residing in Chicago since 1995. Creating a mixture of global sounds, electronica and house music Dj RomaSoul aka Maja Bijedic has made people dance across a wide variety of venues in Chicago.

Past performances and residencies include: Castle, the Freakeasy, Lokal, Double Door, Lincoln Hall, TimeOut Chicago Boat Party (3 consecutive years) Yelp Elite Ball, Stone Lotus, Pasha, Red Canary, Martyr\’s, Mayne Stage, Evil Olive, The Charleston, Lucky Number, Xippo Lounge, NV Penthouse, Valentino Club Cafe, Chopin Theater, Northeastern University, University of Chicago, Serbian Cultural Club St. Sava, and other private venues and parties.

Opening up for Dirty Dish is close friend of the group Blu 9, who is currently a resident artist at Lotus-Rivers Casino.

Blu 9 (Soundcloud and Facebook)


A trained musician since age six, music has been the forefront and paved the path of her journey. Starting with violin, and followed by percussion and some piano, she benefited from ongoing training and exposure throughout her school aged years, which fueled both her creativity and love for all types of music. Watching family members at a young age spin in the club scene, starting off on technics and watching how they created the energy of the dance floor, all in the while thinking, “Yes, I want to do that!”

While the demands of schooling, career, and family took over as it tends to do, music remained a priority focus as she kept close watch over the evolution of her favorite genres, in particular house music. When the time was right, she came back out of background and started to play the music that made her fall in love with the genre. Using music in her daily life with her students she changed the way she thought about and interacted with genres of house music. Using and teaching the soul of house to her special needs students has been a priority and matching music with choreography has been another manifestation of creativity.

Her sound is deep, smooth, and sometimes dark and complex, with soulfulness infused. Depending on her mood, the energy of the dance floor as well as her decision to play the electric violin with her sets shapes and molds the vibe of the room.

Look forward to more events and performances by the new collective and come out and support our local talent this Thursday at Spybar (Word is the artists have passwords available on their Facebook pages).