With a massive Jack U set, and a crazy collaboration between Major Lazer and Ariana Grande, Diplo is a busy man – but is proving himself to be one of the most versatile producers to date. As he continuously creates new music, that still embodies his signature trap style, it\’s no surprise that he\’s working with both up-and-coming talent, as well as taking things to the commercial level.

After a recent interview with inthemix, Diplo shed some light on his latest work, some of which includes collaborations with up-and-coming anonymous producer SOPHIE, who recently made a smash underground track called \”Lemonade\”, with that track also taking some of Diplo\’s style just a bit. Diplo says, \”You’d be surprised…me and SOPHIE did a bunch of stuff together\”. Not only will he be working with SOPHIE, but he\’ll also be working with Nicki Minaj and Madonna alongside, \”We’re going to be releasing it. I did a record that was literally SOPHIE and Madonna and Nicki Minaj”. This is extremely exciting, and we can\’t wait to hear what Diplo has in store. His records lately have been absolutely astounding, and we\’re excited to hear more of his projects with SOPHIE, as well as his single work. You can check out the \”Lemonade\” track by SOPHIE that was mentioned above, below and tell us if you hear the Diplo resemblance.