After keeping their silence following Kris \”Rain Man\” Trindl\’s lawsuit, Krewella\’s Facebook page has been the site of some mysterious action in the past few hours. Both their Facebook cover and profile picture have been changed to what some might say is a reinvention of themselves and their logo.

The coincidence between their profile picture vaguely stating \”Say Goodbye\” and being in reference to Kris Trindl\’s lawsuit is just hearsay. According to some equally ambiguous tweets from Adventure Club, the Facebook actions seem more like an announcement for new music and/or reinvention of themselves than a breakup.

Check out the images from their Facebook below and decide for yourself.

Krewella\’s profile picture:


Cover photo:



.@Krewella lol bye!

— deadmau5 (@deadmau5) November 20, 2014