Remember back in September when the Internet almost exploded after Dillon Francis and Kygo announced they were in the studio together? Shorty thereafter, a snippet of the song was released over Instagram, and the waiting game became even less bearable.

Since then, Dillon has reveled in quite the success after the release of his album, \”Money Sucks, Friends Rule,\” and has thus embarked on a tour. Kygo has also been playing his fair share of shows, and there is one that sticks out among the rest.

The 23-year old producer played in the capital of Norway this week, where he played Firestone for the first time ever, which was performed alongside Conrad, the beautiful voice behind Kygo\’s newest track. It was also the show where we got a further glimpse into his collaboration with Dillon Francis. Performed with James Hersey, \”Coming Over\” is everything we expected and more.

Expanding on the ten seconds we got from Instagram, the track is the perfect example of what a Dillon & Kygo collaboration should sound like. We also think they should make an album together.

Listen to \”Coming Over\” below: