dillon francis not butter music video

For the first time in a long time I got to laugh at a music video this afternoon. Usually you don’t laugh at music videos because music videos are supposed to have some of sort meaning to it right? That doesn’t happen to be the case with well known funny man Dillon Francis. Today, after waiting a long while for another Dillon Francis music video to be dropped our dreams came true as he the music video for “Not Butter” debuted. “Not Butter” was a song off of Dillon’s first album Money Sucks, Friends Rule which was released last year. While Dillon has been busy with his new moombahton EP that he has been working on and playing gigs such as EDC Las Vegas it has been a busy month for Dillon.

Now the music video is a little different than any other music video you have ever seen. With the video mocking music videos in general it already has a goofy sense to it. The video’s purpose was to show how music videos are really made and how companies usually end up deciding how a music video should go on their terms. This video is a little bit more wild and crazy to be on anybody else’s terms but our friend Dillon Francis. With a raging house party turning into a censored mess it is definitely one of Dillon Francis’s goofier videos.

Take a look at the “Not Butter” music video below!