Young Swedish producer, Didrick, famously known for his remixes for Avicii & Cazzette, is ready to show the world his full potential and has released a stream of his own track \”A Part Of You\” which is just marvelous. The track, which sounds like a tune that I\’d find on both Beatport and on the radio, contains male and female vocals in unison which actually sounds surprisingly good. The buildup mainly focuses on the vocals, however the drop is absolutely fantastic, and Didrick nailed it on the melody. Featuring some definitive electro house elements, it\’s obvious why so many people became fans in just 11 days after Didrick dropped it on his SoundCloud. With some crazy key changes, the stellar vocals and the thrilling electro house vibe, this track even caught the attention of Hardwell, who reached out to Didrick, and it\’s quite possible that we could see a Didrick + Revealed release very soon. Unfortunately, there\’s no real way to buy this track, so just keep the stream on repeat all Summer long.