London-based producer Will \”Tourist\” Phillips has had quite the whirlwind of a year. While the 26 year old artist has been making music for the past 16 years (he apparently taught himself how to play the piano at the mere age of 3) it wasn\’t until two years ago when he decided to put out his first EP, \”Placid Acid\”, without the help of a label. Since then he has not only released his two more EPs, \”Tonight\” and \”Patterns\” (the latter through Disclosure\’s label Methods), but he has also toured with the British brothers, played the Boiler Room, and has gathered a fan base 46,000 strong on Soundcloud. He describes his sound as \”dance music for people who don’t like to dance… music to drive to late at night, or listen to on public transport\” but in my opinion its just the right type of music to groove to for hours: pretty, ambient, and hypnotic.

Below you\’ll find some of my favorite tracks from the rising producer including his remix of CHVRCHES\’ \”Lies\”, but don\’t stop there; check out all of his work here and follow him on Facebook and Twitter for updates. Also, check out his recent interview with iD-Vice to get to know the elusive artist a little bit better.