Music is an ever growing industry and somehow, the old dogs just keep amping their success meanwhile up and coming artists seem to blow everyone\’s minds. I had the pleasure of getting to know the management team of one artist in particular during Miami Music Week; Devault. Hitting off his career with numerous successful remixes and shows, he is sure to be an absolute underdog. Impressive style, indescribable passion and a momentous drive all characterize the 19 year old sensation, and he\’s about to get even bigger.


1. What would you identify as your inspiration for your style of music?

 Devault: I would definitely say my inspiration stems from What So Not and RL Grime. They both give their songs an emotional appeal along with high energy and that\’s what I\’ve tried to create in my upcoming releases. They also take \”trap\” and give it a more orchestral, cinematic feel which I really enjoy as a listener and producer.

2. What\’s it like, being 19 and already immersing yourself into the industry head-on?

Devault: Being young and put right into the middle of things is a thrill and very humbling. I\’m blessed to be at such a young age and have the opportunity to pursue what I love. All of the hard work involved just fuels my passion for music because at the end of the day I\’m investing so much time into what I truly love doing, music.

3. How was your Miami Music Week experience? Any event that stood out to you the most? Reflect on your trip there.

Devault: Miami Music Week was definitely a change of pace from Los Angeles. The club scene there was very different and high energy, and I particularly enjoyed the Gud Vibrations show hosted by Slander and Nghtmre. I was fortunate enough to meet guys like 4B, Party Thieves, and many others that night and it was awesome being surrounded by such like minded people. All in all, it just made me that much more motivated to work on next level music and work towards being a vital performer in the Miami music week scene next year. I only got to be in Miami for a few days due to shows in SXSW I had to perform. Miami Music Week seemed to represent the major label side of the industry while SXSW represented the creative label end. I was very fortunate to be apart of both.

4. You recently opened up for the Chainsmokers in Cancun. How was the crowd? How did it differ from the audience in the US?

Devault: Cancun with The Chainsmokers was simply insane. It was my first time out of the country and I got to play in front of 5,000 people at The City which is honestly more of an arena than a nightclub. It was spring break so obviously the crowd loved high energy tunes so I blended both my creative end of music with high energy to compliment myself as an artist and appeal to my audience. In the US I feel like the audience appreciates new music and areas like Cancun appreciate music new or old that simply promotes that \”rage, let go of yourself\” style of music. Special shout out to The Chainsmokers for having me support them that night.

5. Describe a typical day in the studio for you.

Devault: My typical studio day is pretty spontaneous. I honestly work on music everyday whether it\’s learning new technicalities or touching up ideas. I try to have ideas come naturally and once they hit I take full advantage of it and try to get it down onto Ableton as fast as I can. The smallest things can trigger an idea for me, and typically I will write the idea on my iPhone note pad, go get some coffee, and crank out the idea in my personal studio. It\’s so funny to me how the best ideas can be done in less than two hours while some projects can take days to finalize. I also check soundcloud and listen to my friends and what\’s current to fuel some motivation before I\’m hop into Ableton. The typical studio day for me is honestly just a clear head, some coffee, and my personal studio. Sometimes I like to go out though to the beach or somewhere scenic and comfortable to work on music. The environment I\’m around plays a big part in my creative process. Recently being on the road I\’ve also had moments where I\’ve cranked out ideas during car/plane rides.


6. If you could collab with any artist, dead or alive, who would it be and why?

Devault: 100% I would want to collaborate with RL Grime. Everything about him I admire and would love to spend some quality studio time with him and watch how he works. Everything about his tracks have that \”epic\” feel and his live experience is next level.

7. If you ever had the opportunity to dip your toes into another genre, what would it be?

Devault: I would love to dip my toes into some g-house to be honest. I love the club energy it stems from and its consistency. Other than that though I love trap and its rhythm.

8. What are some of your goals for 2016?

Devault: A few big goals in 2016 are to get signed by labels like OSWLA or Mad Decent, release an EP, get a booking agent in order, and be apart of creative shows/events. I\’m a hard worker and I hope to achieve all this as a young artist.


 9. Are you working on any original tracks?

Devualt: I have a ton of new material waiting to be released that I can only talk a little bit about. I have collaborations with producers such as Stelouse, 4B, Holly, Droptail, CRWNS, and Wildfire that I will be rolling out this next month along with my own original material with some amazing vocalists.  I can\’t wait for everyone to see the growth in my music and being apart of the journey. At the end of the day I\’m a lover of music like everyone else that just so happens to love creating it as well. I\’m all smiles to everything presented in front of me. A lot is in store!

Below is Devault\’s newest remix along with all of his social media links so you can stay updated.