Yesterday, Skrillex and Yogi dropped their music video for the VIP mashup of Burial (feat. Pusha-T, Moody Good, and TrollPhace).  The original track and the Trollphace & Skrillex and Moody Good remixes have been popular for a while, but now, they\’ve all collaborated and made this version together. Aside from the great sound of the hard-hitting dubstep track, the video features exciting and eerie choreography from Nina McNeely.  As Pusha-T is getting his hair cut, a group of masked dancers are wreaking havoc in the store.  The high energy choreography compliments Skrillex\’s intense sound (listen to the drop at 3:15) perfectly.

As a bonus, Bulls legend Dennis Rodman makes a very interesting appearance in the video at 2:05.

Check it out for yourself, here: