If you\’re a fan of Com Truise, Lazerhawk and destroying the bourgeoisie swine with your obscene amount of vaporwave, the recent up spike of 80s revivalist synthwave may not come as a surprise to you. This revival, however, hasn\’t made any mainstream strides until recently with the resounding success of the Netflix original series \”Stranger Things\”. Capitalizing on this resurgence, deadmau5, the EDM titan himself, took it upon himself to stream a live jam of the opening theme to the extremely successful television show. Check out a large portion of the three hour stream below!

[youtube id=\”b7iBFGqboQI\”]

A deadmau5 fan, wanting to shorten the listening time and bring out the most complete iteration of Zimmerman\’s jam session, cropped out a 5 minute segment of his experimentation. A smooth and never bulging drumline combined with plucky arpeggio synths and Blade Runner minded pads layer themselves simply to great effect in this live remix, giving a more fleshed out iteration of the original without losing its dark and retro tone. Check this one out for yourselves!

[youtube id=\”5B6_zE61DkE\”]