Love him or hate him David Guetta has been tearing up the music scene longer than most realize. Known for his hits throughout the years such as \”The World is Mine\”, \”When Love Takes Over\” and \”Titanium\”. The producer who managed to stay relevant through time and time again, is looking at something very personal this time around.  In an interview Friday night at Electric Zoo before his set Guetta stated, “Honestly, I’m a little bit scared. It’s completely different from anything I\’ve done before.”

With the first single off the album already out called \”Lovers On The Sun\” it seems Guetta is heading towards more song-based tunes instead of festival bangers.  With over 29 million views on the video its no doubt people are feeling and enjoying Guetta\’s new tune.

What also comes different to then his previous albums is that Guetta is working alone and making sure its as finished as can be before showing artists and finding the right person to collaborate with. Although there is no set release date yet on the album, it will most likely come out by fall or the end of the year.