In the midst of promotion for his new album and days after his long-awaited appearance in Chicago, Dash Berlin has uploaded his 4AM remix to \”Lightning\” by Cash Cash featuring John Rzeznik on SoundCloud.

Chasing a little bit of different sound, the song might shed light on what the untitled album might sound like. While we might have to wait until the summer for original tracks, this mix will have to do for now. But if you want to be kept updated on the progress of said album, be sure to follow the mysterious #WA trend on Berlin\’s Twitter.

Listen to his remix of \”Lightning\” below:

Also, if you already haven\’t heard his collaboration with Rigby for their song \”Earth Meets Water,\” you can listen to that below as played on ASOT #657. It was featured in the Dash Berlin Recap at Concord Hall, which you can watch here, and it is said to be included on his new album. The sound seems a bit more familiar, but \”magical\” nonetheless.