What seemed like the end of the beach-front music festival that brought artists like Diplo, Cedric Gervais, and 3LAU may not be after all. Sources say that despite the challenges that Wavefront faced after careless preparations prior to the second year of the festival in 2013, there\’s hope in sight for those anticipating its return this summer.

Because of resident noise complaints and problems with controlling traffic during the now 3-day festival, officials threatened to discontinue the event if the organization\’s staff didn\’t come up with a plan to avoid these issues. Though the delay on providing a plan may have kept attendees on edge, preliminary solutions have been foreshadowed. According to 4 Headed Productions, the minds behind Wavefront, the festival is set to happen in 2014.

While there has yet to be any official announcement declared on social media, the good news may lead us to dip into our savings account so we can add Wavefront to the list of music festivals we want to hit this summer.

Here\’s the slightly bad news: even though 2013 brought close to 100 acts, 2014 may have to be downsized to compensate for the concerns the city might have. Let\’s just hope we can get non-attending residents to buy ear plugs and ravers from sprinting across Lake Shore Drive to get to the festival.