Online slots are influenced by a lot of different aspects of pop culture, this is one of the key elements that keep them engaging and relevant to younger generations and what makes every game unique and interesting.

From slots inspired by Sex In The City, to Jurassic Park or Motörhead, many of the best online slots are a spin-off of popular culture. With such a large variety there’s always something to suit all audiences.

Although it may not seem like the most obvious comparison to make, similar to film and tv, dance music has a heavy influence over a large variety of online slots.

What Similarities Do Online Slots And Dance Music Have

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Dance music has iconic, audio, and aesthetic qualities that easily translate over to the bold, bright, and eye-catching displays of online games. Rendering the iconography of dance culture onto these online spaces instantly updates the otherwise traditional aesthetic, making them relevant and engaging to modern tastes.

  • Themes 

Game developers use themes to ensure players stay engaged with their content and to help attract new audiences. These themes vary wildly however they all have the same goal, to better traditional gameplay and to make the new games unique and exciting. Every theme brings individual characteristics to the slot. Often to consumers, seeing a recognized brand or musical endorsement acts as a sign of authenticity and the gameplay quality.

This is very similar to dance music where different genres or musicians bring new characteristics to the music and keep it exciting and fresh to music lovers. In the same vain that songs from different genres of dance music give audiences a different headspace, slots do with different themes. These themes act in the same way as house, dubstep, or techno, they all have distinctive characteristics that differentiate them from one another and attract different crowds.

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  • Tension

Is there anything more gripping than being committed to a game of slots and with each play, the closer you get to hitting the jackpot, the tension steadily increasing? Of course, audio and visuals of the game exacerbate these feelings. This is comparable to the electric tension of waiting for the beat to drop whilst listening to an incredible dance track, the music nurtures the anticipation, creating a similar sensation to playing a game of slots, where the level of tension is nearly unbearable, yet delightfully enjoyable.

  • Euphoria

Another key similarity between online slots and dance music is that they both can make their audience feel ecstatic. Everyone knows the feeling of listening to an amazing beat and electric vocals whilst dancing with your best friends, the pure joy and exhilaration that dance music can create. This is also true for online slots, the intoxication, and glee of hitting the jackpot is truly a euphoric sensation.

The Use Of Music In Online Slots

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Music has long been a powerful entertainment tool for the gambling industry. Research shows that playing the right music encourages gamers to place more frequent and larger wagers.

Electronic and Dance music has a massive influence on both land-based and online gambling spaces, the high tempo music amplifies gambling behavior and creates a party atmosphere for consumers. This is excellent for fast-paced games such as roulette and slots where it is to the house’s advantage that players are energized and excited.

As well as creating an exhilarating ambiance, it has been proven that customers equate the quality of music, played by a slot machine or casino, to the quality of the game. Many consumers will subconsciously choose which games to play based primarily on the audio it produces. For this reason, it is easy to understand why game developers will spend vast amounts of time and money when choosing what music their slot machines and online games should play.

Dance music isn’t just important for the role it plays in creating ambiance, research by Mark Griffiths and Jonathan Parke from 2005 discusses in detail a psychological impact called The sound of winning. This is the use of melodic riffs and melodies, often taken from dance tracks, that are played whenever a gambler wins. The slot machine plays the hook and instantly reinforces the sensation of winning to the player, lifts their self-esteem, and usually leads them to place more wagers. On top of this every time after, that the gamer hears the song or melody they will think of playing, gambling, and winning. For obvious reasons slots only use music for positive reinforcement and don’t play audio associated with losing.