Coming off their recent live performance at the 2017 Grammy Awards, it looks as if Daft Punk and The Weeknd wished to carry on the post-apocalyptic aesthetic of their stage set-up inside the Staples Center onto the screen with the release of \”I Feel It Coming,\” out today on Vevo.

The overall look and feel of the music video is a nod to the age of VHS with it\’s 1980s aesthetic and the Weeknd\’s throwback Michael Jackson-style costuming. The video tells the story of two estranged, other-dimensional lovers whose planet dies out before they can get their chance at love. Lots of heat and tension with this one, but done with the utmost subtlety. It seems the visual direction matches up with the song\’s original lyrics quite nicely.

The end is arguably the best part as the two cloaked Daft Punk members are featured on screen for the first time after the death of the planet, as they step out onto a snowy embankment. Did the two mysterious masked figures cause the apocalypse? Or are they signaling to something bigger on the horizon? Who really knows, but you\’ve got to love the cryptic nature of everything these EDM godfathers ever do.

Stream the official music video for “I Feel It Coming” below.