The use of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology has grown in popularity in recent years; however, as with any business in its infancy and rapid growth, there is much that novices may be unaware of.

In this article, we will explore 10 subjects that cryptocurrency industry experts like Oanda know but that novices to the space may not be aware of. We aim to help bridge the awareness gap between industry newbies and veterans.

The bitcoin industry is still regarded as being rather new, and fluid


One of the first things that industry experts are aware of concerning this financial asset is that it is still new and flexible. Bitcoin, the world’s first cryptocurrency, didn’t even come into being until 2009. Since then, the market has seen both rapid growth and frequent oscillations. Beginners may not realize how new and unpredictable the market may be, so they may not fully grasp the industry’s prospects.

Blockchain technology has a wide range of uses

Many newcomers may only identify blockchain technology with cryptocurrencies, but those with more expertise recognize that this technology has many uses outside of digital currency. Blockchain is a secure and decentralized ledger system that may monitor and verify asset ownership, store and trade data, and build smart contracts, among other things. Blockchain technology may also be used to store and distribute data. It is necessary to have a strong awareness of the diversity of the technology to clearly comprehend the probable impact and implications that blockchain technology may have in some industries.

Not one cryptocurrency can completely replace another

Industry specialists are well aware that not all cryptocurrencies are the same and that there are several sorts of digital currencies, each with its own set of qualities and uses. Bitcoin, for example, was built to work as a decentralized digital currency, but other cryptocurrencies, such as Ethereum, were created to make it simpler to construct decentralized applications. Newbies to the cryptocurrency sector would probably not thoroughly understand the various cryptocurrencies’ distinct qualities and potential uses.

The relationship between cryptocurrency and forex

Experts in the field say that the cryptocurrency market and the foreign exchange (Forex) market are inextricably linked. Trading in cryptocurrencies and trading on the foreign exchange market (Forex) are two types of speculative trading that include the buying and selling of various currencies. Because the value of cryptocurrencies is often influenced by global economic factors, traders may use the knowledge and strategies they’ve obtained from trading forex to guide their investments in cryptocurrencies. Understanding this relationship might be very important for traders who want to diversify their portfolios.

The value of safeguarding one’s cryptocurrency


It is generally known in the cryptocurrency world that safety is one of the most urgent issues. Because blockchain technology is decentralized, no one authority can oversee and ensure the integrity of financial transactions or the safety of connected funds. Many new investors  in the crypto market may not fully understand the importance of security and the steps they must take to protect their money.

The regulatory environment is always shifting and changing

Experts say that the regulatory framework for cryptocurrencies is always changing. Because governments and financial institutions throughout the globe are still figuring out how to regulate the cryptocurrency industry, rules and laws may change from one country to the next. Because of this, it may be hard for people new to cryptocurrency to figure out how the rules work and the legal consequences of their actions. Specialists stay up-to-date on the latest developments in bitcoin regulation to ensure they are following the laws and rules in their own area.

The importance of having a strong understanding of the underlying technology

According to the expertise of industry specialists, it is vital to have a good grasp of the technology behind cryptocurrencies to have a thorough understanding of the market’s potential. Due to its complexity, the blockchain technology that powers the bulk of cryptocurrencies is difficult to understand, so you can thoroughly understand the market’s potential.

Due to its complexity, the blockchain technology that powers the bulk of cryptocurrencies is difficult to understand. Regardless, industry professionals make a point of educating themselves on the technology in question and the numerous applications to which it could be put before realizing the importance of such information in guiding their investment decisions and assisting them in spotting potentially lucrative market opportunities.

The possible impact that institutional investors may have

Those who are specialists in the sector believe that institutional investors’ engagement in cryptocurrency has the potential to have a big effect on the market. The market benefits from the presence of institutional investors, such as hedge funds and investment banks, which supply huge amounts of capital and institutional knowledge. Their market involvement can increase market liquidity and stability, but it can also increase market volatility as players enter and exit the market. Investors just starting out may not have a clear knowledge of the prospective effect that institutional investors might have.

The relevance of a diverse portfolio

Experts recognize that diversification is a critical strategy, and cryptocurrency is no different. Increasing investment returns may be done by distributing them among various cryptocurrencies and asset classes. The benefit of diversity in the cryptocurrency market may not be fully grasped by beginners, and novices may not be aware of the numerous types of assets available for investment.

The potential consequences of new technology

Professionals in the sector are well aware that emerging technologies such as quantum computing and artificial intelligence have the potential to have a substantial impact on the bitcoin industry. These advancements have the potential to not only improve the safety and efficiency of blockchain technology but also to shake up the business. Beginners may be unaware of the potential impact that evolving technologies may have on the bitcoin market and may also be unprepared for the changes these technologies may bring about.


To sum up, virtual currencies and the technology behind blockchains are complex and changing quickly. Each has its own set of challenges and opportunities. Investors and traders may navigate with a better understanding of the market and make more educated decisions by understanding what pros know but beginners may not be aware of.

It is vital to educate yourself on the underlying technology, the legal framework, and the numerous types of available assets, as well as to be knowledgeable and up-to-date on the current developments in the market. Traders also need to know how the cryptocurrency and foreign exchange markets are related and how they can use both to spread their investments.