I was in a weird mood all day today. It was one of those days where I never fully woke up, so nothing felt real.

Maybe that\’s why the song \”Able to Maximize\” by CROOKERS resonated with me today.

Released a few weeks ago, Able to Maximize is weird at best. Yet for some reason, it\’s addictive and I actually really like it. It\’s full of strange noises, distorted bass, odd voice snippets saying, \”we want to able to maximize,\” a confused girl trying to give a tutorial on the pan flute, and… actual pan flute.

I told you it was weird.

The cacophony combines to create a creepy, eccentric and somehow catchy house… song… that is undeniably interesting.

Enter the remixes.

First on the list is Dutch producer Chuckie\’s. He takes the original, removes the distorted bass and some of the weird sounds, but manages to keep the darkness of the house vibe from the original, while injecting an infectiously dancey bass line that has the simplicity of a deep house beat, but the energy and bounciness of a Melbourne Bounce song. Expect to hear this one at a lot of festivals this summer.

The next remix is by a Danish producing duo I had never heard of called franskild. The combo consists of Love Ojensa and Tim Söderström. They definitely leave the eccentricity of the original intact, but they slow it down and add a spaced out electro vibe to it. It\’s much simpler than the original, and I really dig it. It\’s a good song to turn on if you wanna chill, zone out, and get shit done.

Last but not least, we have the Mao remix. This British duo seems to be pretty enigmatic, but the production skills on their track are anything but. Each track so far has been bassy in its own unique way, and the Mao Remix is no different. Overall, the song is a song done right and it reminds me of an old school flow with a new school sound. It\’s very futuristic sounding, but it takes its time to build from one part to the next, and it creates a beautifully cinematic experience. This song would be perfect for a nice long car ride (spacecruise).