OWLA\’s Moody Good, aka the former half of 16bit Eddie Jeffrey, has had the music scene talking for months. If you haven\’t heard of him yet, well, you just haven\’t been listening. The London-based producer is no stranger to electronic music, but his latest project Moody Good is all new. With songs ranging from trip-hop to dubstep to tribal, the album bends the rules of traditional music by taking bits and pieces from multiple genres and blending them flawlessly into a 15 track LP that is the most unique and interesting compilation of songs I have heard in awhile. The self-titled album will be released through OWLSA and MTA Records on June 3rd but never fear, you can hear what the electron music community and I are talking about by streaming the album below. In addition, check out the super weird yet intriguing music video for the album\’s first single \”Musicbx\” featuring Chicago-based vocalist Eryn Allen Kane I have added below for your enjoyment… or not depending on how you\’re feeling today.

Also, for those of you who bothered to scroll down this far, listen to his remix of Slum Village\’s \”Fall in Love\” if you haven\’t already done so. Though it went viral a bit over a month ago, the song still gives off killer vibes and has me jamming to it almost everyday.