What you know about Crizzly? That he likes pizza? That he’s from Texas? Well you should know that he throws down bangers and his new remix to T.I.’s “What you know” follows the trend as the 24 year old Texan famously combines rap lyrics with hard dubstep drops to create “crunkstep.” The song quickly has you searching for your bass control, as well as the web for the next time the young producer is visiting your town.

Using other rap lyrics from artists such as Slim Thug, Nelly, and Jay-Z, the “slicegang” brings a unique and hard-hitting sound that is recognizable throughout the EDM world.   With over 20,000 listens in the first eight hours since its release, it\’s safe to say Crizzly has molded his place in the EDM spotlight and handing out free downloads is always a fan favorite. It may sound cheesy, but the “slicegang” seems to be off with a bang in 2015.

Make sure to grab your free download on Crizzly\’s SoundCloud!