This weekend, on July 25th, The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas caught fire. It engulfed the 14th floor, which contains the pool deck. As the scorching fire took over the pool, guests of the hotel rushed out to safety as the fire department arrived to extinguish it. The firefighters spent 30 minutes battling the roaring flames before it was finally put out.


There is an investigation underway for the origin of this disastrous event. The alleged cause of the fire started from a fryer malfunctioning. From there, the situation escalated with the fire growing by consuming the pool furniture, cabanas, palm trees, etc. Fortunately, there was only one person suffering from a serious case of smoke inhalation and they were immediately escorted to the hospital to be treated. Other than the pool deck, the building itself had suffered minimal damage (mostly broken windows on several adjacent floors of the 14th floor. The hotel was back in business later that day and guests were still able to stay the night. Read the full story from ABC News here.

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