Rising artist Convex has a promising resume by anyone\’s standards. Previous releases via Insomniac\’s Discovery Project and Mr. Suicide Sheep have shown this dynamic producer\’s incredible range on the sonic spectrum. That said, nothing could have prepared us for the 1-2 punch that is his latest, and greatest, offering yet.

Convex\’s Dimensions EP is the remedy to all your watered down bass music woes. In an increasingly oversaturated scene, his music stands out as consistently memorable. Dimensions\’ first track \”IMJUSSAYIN\” featuring Titus is the perfect testament to that. If their previous collaboration, \”Bad Kids\” was any indication, Convex and Titus\’ synergy is undeniable, and this latest original is equally rowdy start to finish. The energy continues through \”Heat\” another no holds barred trap banger that is distinctly fresh. No doubt he will be turning some heads with these tunes during his upcoming main stage debut at Nocturnal Wonderland. Listen to the full EP below, and grab the free download via Kannibalen Records.