by @Philippe Wuyts Photography
Photo by Philippe Wuyts

In just a matter of weeks, music lovers will set foot in Bayfront Park to experience the 20th anniversary of Ultra Music Festival. The Ultra 2018 lineup includes tip top talent across all dance genres, making it a true destination for all electronic lovers.

With the festival and Miami Music Week rapidly approaching, organizers have already begun constructing the stages for UMF 2018. Some eager bystanders captured trucks bringing in what presumably is tons of scaffolding for the gigantic stages. It’s just a matter of time until we see what this year’s mainstage will look like…

ultra has officially moved in | @wolfofmiami @ronnieloyd from r/UMF

On top of the exciting construction news, tickets for Ultra Music Festival 2018 have started arriving in mailboxes across the world. The hype is building for UMF 2018, and we’re definitely here for it.