Reptiles are increasingly becoming more popular as pets, but not all reptiles make the best pets. Many people don’t realize that snakes, lizards, and turtles are not the only species of reptiles out there. Amphibians also fall under this category and can make great pets when they are properly cared for. If you think that a reptile pet might be right for you or your family you might want to visit Take a look at these eight reasons why reptiles can make awesome pets:

1. They help with stress

Do you find yourself easily frustrated by life’s day-to-day stressors? Some people find comfort in pets but, depending on your living situation, having one might not be an option. If you’re considering a reptile as your next pet, know that they provide many of the same benefits to humans.

Studies have shown that watching reptiles and amphibians can reduce blood pressure while also reducing anxiety and promoting stress relief. With proper care and time spent with them every day, reptiles are sure to make you feel at ease when it comes to dealing with everyday problems. They grow quickly: Just like children, reptiles grow up fast—and their increasing size is rewarding for both owner and pet alike.

2. They look good


Though some reptiles are known for their unusual appearance, many species are also quite beautiful. From chameleons to tortoises, there’s no lack of variety when it comes to pet reptiles. Unlike many other pets like cats and dogs, you can be confident that any reptile you purchase has not been abused or mistreated.

Most people who buy these animals do so after conducting extensive care research and are committed to providing an excellent environment for their pets. Many reptiles have unique dietary requirements and medical conditions like metabolic bone disease and vitamin D deficiency, but they offer much more companionship than standard pet store pets. They have interesting personalities: Just like with cats and dogs, each pet reptile is different from others of its kind.

3. They’re easy to care

Contrary to popular belief, reptiles are pretty easy to care for. Most reptiles are content with just one annual visit to their vet. This means you can spend your time bonding with your pet instead of worrying about whether or not they’re eating enough. They don’t require constant attention: Many people find it hard to get past a reptile’s scaly exterior and spotless glass cage—but appearances can be deceiving!

These pets don’t need much attention at all. Because they’re cold-blooded, you don’t have to worry about giving them meals throughout the day or playing with them every day like you would have to do with an energetic dog or cat.

4. They are very rewarding


Owning any type of pet can be very rewarding. If you have grown up with dogs and cats, you will be surprised to learn that reptile pets come with their unique list of benefits and rewards. Because reptiles are cold-blooded, they do not need to eat as much food or require such frequent exercise, so they tend to make excellent pets for elderly people, busy professionals, and young children.

They are also small in size (with some exceptions), meaning they don’t require much space or create too much noise. For these reasons, owning a reptile pet is one of those situations where it does make sense for everyone involved!

5. They can be fun for all ages

Some reptiles are more cuddly than others, such as some species of gecko and iguana. However, if you’re looking for something with more personality, you can always find it in snakes. To get a sense of just how cute your new snake will be once he or she gets big enough to handle and interact with regularly, check out pictures online or head to your local pet store.

The employee there will be happy to let you hold one! Just remember that reptiles aren’t easy pets – they need special care from specialized owners. Make sure you have time to devote at least an hour each day before going through with any purchases or commitments. If a friend is interested in joining in on raising your reptile buddy, even better!

6. There are some great breeds available now


The tegu (Tupinambis merianae) is native to Argentina and Brazil, and these omnivores are suitable for both outdoor and indoor environments. They grow between 6-8 feet long, including their tail length, but they’re relatively slender with round bodies. Tegus are skittish by nature, so they make good starter reptiles for people who aren’t comfortable with more aggressive animals. Bearded dragons (Pogona vitticeps) are one of Australia’s most popular lizard pets; they have rounded bodies like tegus but grow larger than tegus—up to 2 feet in length—and prefer warmer climates.

7. Some animals can eat insects, which leads to fewer bugs in your home

Insects are one of your reptile’s natural food sources. Mosquitoes and flies can be a problem for both you and your pets, so let them help by feeding off of these insects. They’ll enjoy it, you’ll enjoy fewer pests and less threat from disease-carrying insects. If you have allergies or are just bothered by bugs in general, having reptiles can reduce your exposure to them significantly.

8. They make great conversation starters


According to herpetologist Sean Rogers, reptiles are very social and good at forming bonds with their owners. For instance, if you leave your bearded dragon home alone, he might start calling out for you by whistling or barking—reptiles have been known to mimic sounds! It can make for some interesting dinner conversation when friends come over, says Rogers. Some owners even report that their pet lizards or snakes have learned to play dead when they want attention. The chances of your lizard becoming an overnight YouTube sensation are slim (though a ball python named Bart has become pretty famous on Instagram), but it can be fun to see how close your pet comes to mimicking his species in its natural habitat.


After giving proper thought to all your options, you might be surprised at how many reasons you come up with for why you should consider getting a reptile as your next pet. After all, reptiles can be exciting and fun, but they can also be clean and easy to care for.