We live in an age where vanity is taking over. You simply can’t afford not to look good. It’s the age of social medial platforms. A world where everyone is beautiful. You could even argue that that’s not so bad. Is it? Well, no one is preventing you from working on your good looks, now is it? Everyone can improve their physical appearance. Is it to look better, to fight old age, or simply to impress your younger coworkers, you can change your appearance one way or another. Also, you could have health reasons and you must do it. Either way, one of the most common ways to do it is to have cosmetic surgery.

Are you a fan of cosmetic procedures? Thanks to the popularity of reality TV shows such as Keeping Up With The Kardashians, it is now pretty common to have various types of cosmetic procedures done on your body. Usually, when people decide to make a change to their appearance they start with their face. It is the part of our bodies that everyone sees, and we want to impress starting from our faces. The next in line is of course the breast enlargement procedure, but we’re going to stick to the face in this article.

Do you know how is micro-facelift surgery performed? It is quite an interesting one, and luckily quite common. Usually, and especially when you work with professionals you’ll encounter the good old one stitch facelift which is a great way to have your appearance improved. Of course, not everyone is relaxed when there’s going to be a procedure done on their face, so you’re probably looking to inform yourself about the procedure itself. We’re going to give you a few hints on how it looks in the text below, so please continue reading.

The Procedure Itself


Here, we are talking about as simple surgery. One that is described as minimally invasive. You are probably glad to hear this. It is not invasive, which means it can be done even under sedation. But, it is quite usual to have it done under general anesthetics, while somewhere they even do it under local. The best part of it all is that it’s done rather quickly. The simplest of procedures is done in twenty minutes to half an hour. Yes, it can take longer, but usually, you’ll be heading home as soon as the procedure is over. Rare are occasions when the patient needs to stay in the hospital overnight.

The surgeon who is in charge of the operation will start the procedure with one tiny incision on your face. This is done to put your face (the sub-dermal tissue) back to its position where it was originally intended to be. Thanks to this move your face will receive what is called a lifting. Once this part is done, everything that’s been cut will be stitched and put back to its normal state. The best part of the entire procedure is that it’s quick, painless, and it gives you immediate results. All of this happens without even one visible scar.

Of course, you’ll be feeling and looking bruised for a few days with obvious swelling, but everything usually comes back to normal in a matter of six to seven days. The entire procedure is completely natural, and it feels like that. While you’ll receive a youthful appearance following the work on your face, the so-called facelift the aging process will continue as usual. But, at the moment when you do it and in the coming months and even years you’ll be without a doubt looking younger.

The part that few people know, or are unaware of, is that the facelift is usually combined with fat transfer. This is done so that your face wouldn’t lose the volume it had. The fat is gained through the process of liposuction, and it is usually harvested from the patient itself. The process of augmentation is usually done on the parts of the face where there could appear that you have holes after the facelift. We are talking about the chin, brow area, cheeks, cheekbones, and temples. It is done so that your facial structure would be left intact or even improved. If you’re up to it, you could find surgeons who also inject stem cells into the given areas. It is done to preserve your youthfulness, and skin tone, rejuvenate your skin, or remove some old scars.

In the end one of the reasons why everyone should consider this procedure is because is painless, and quick, and once it’s done the results are immediately visible. Your daily routine will be changed only for a few days. After a week or so, you’ll be back to normal.

Why Should You Have This Procedure?


Well, the reasoning is simple. To turn back the time. Of course, this is no magic we’re talking about here. It is a cosmetic procedure. One that is ideal if you want to counter the early signs of aging. Age comes for all of us. Those that suffer from it the earliest are those who lead an unhealthy lifestyle. This includes heavy drinking, overeating, exposure to the sun, smoking, and above all else exposure to stress. Of course, nutrition and a good night’s sleep are a must if you don’t want to age too quickly. Of course, with old age, our body produces less and less collagen. This nutrient is the main reason why our skin looks as it does. When you combine an unhealthy lifestyle with plain old aging, you’ll find yourself in a situation where you’ll want to change your habits and do something about the situation you found yourself in.

This procedure is not only useful, but it is also rather popular. You won’t find an aging celebrity that didn’t undergo at least one cosmetic procedure. While you don’t have to do it at all costs, this one is straightforward as they can get and we recommend it to everyone and anyone. It is good for your looks, and your self-esteem, it’s natural, painless, and quick. If your face needs it, please, don’t avoid it.