Before you dare to purchase a private home, it is essential to ask yourself whether living in the country will be comfortable for the family and the main goals of the purchase? This approach will allow you to make a rational purchase that meets the requirements of all family members as much as possible.

Otherwise, if the purchase is made on emotions, working family members may stand in eternal traffic jams before work, the nearest kindergarten or school will be 40 kilometers away, and the store will be half an hour by car.

The house starts from the ground

Unlike a city apartment, a country house implies the mandatory presence of a land plot, which in one way or another will have to be processed and landscaped. Therefore, before buying, experts advise future homeowners to weigh and evaluate their strengths.

For example, if three of the four family members are avid gardeners and like to dig in the ground, you can safely take a larger plot. If all family members work or do not tend to mow the lawn and prune apple trees constantly, then 6 acres will be enough.


How to choose a house?

Beautiful landscapes, clean air, peace, and quiet that’s what the residents of the city are like when they decide to buy a private house outside the city. But most of those who have spent their entire lives in high-rise buildings often miss some details, after which the dream of nature, comfort, and silence with enviable ease turn into an unnecessary waste of time, money, and nerves. Not every family can decide to buy their own house in the country. In moving, you can find many positive things if the house was chosen correctly. Let’s try to understand all the wisdom.

Own housing in the form of a private house allows you to retire from the city bustle. There are no sounds from neighbors shouting through the wall, no one knocking on the ceiling, and no smells of burnt food from other apartments come through the ventilation ducts.

Private homes are built independently, ordered from organizations specializing in this, or bought on the secondary market. Such structures can be located in the center of the city (if it is an old settlement), on the outskirts or far outside the city.

But choosing a home is a challenging task. Going to start such a complex process, many are guided by their own opinions or the advice of relatives, and at the same time miss essential factors that determine the convenience of operation.


Size matters

The age and social activity of the future owners will help in determining the size and layout of the house. If elderly people want to buy a house in order to live there safely after retirement, then a small one-story house with a minimum set of rooms is quite suitable for them.

If we are talking about economy or comfort class for a family of 3-4 people, two of whom work, and there are no other household assistants, then at least each family member should have their own bedroom, some common room like a living room and a spacious kitchen. If there are fewer rooms, then there is a risk of crowding, if more, then some of the rooms will be idle, and in fact they need to be cleaned and heated, which costs both time, effort, and money.

If the owners plan to often receive guests or relatives in the house, as they say, with an overnight stay, then a guest room will also not hurt. People who often have to work or study at home should also take care of having a separate room for an office. The house must also have a sufficient number of bathrooms, so that there is no situation like in a communal apartment, when everyone simultaneously needed to go to the bathroom.

Choosing the type of country house


This structure has a long facade and is divided into several parts by internal walls. Each block has its separate exit and garage. It can be one-story (barrack-type) or two-story.

They are suitable for people who are looking for average options between an apartment and a completely separate house. There are good homes for sale in Arrowhead Myrtle Beach for example. An expert like those at are ideal for small families who want to separate from the city, but also do not want to change the situation dramatically by moving to a private house on the land. There are designs for 2 or 4 hosts. The design is not made in the form of a rectangular structure but a square one.


These are large country houses that have two or three floors and a vast area. On their territory, there can be a swimming pool or a spacious square. Over time, whole cottage villages grow up.

The buildings are distinguished by an exquisite design and high-quality finishing materials.

They have massive doors, and a beautiful high fence surrounds the territory. This is a good option for those who do not need to travel to the city every day (owners of various businesses that operate without close supervision, well-off pensioners).


Ordinary houses:

Such buildings are found both in the city and outside of it. Most often, they have one floor, but there are also two-tiered ones.

In the locality, the houses are built close to each other, so they form flat streets with the possibility of connecting to the central sewer and gas main. Outside the city, houses can stand remotely and be completely autonomous.

Such housing is suitable for the elderly who want to grow something in the garden, a large family so that everyone has enough space, or people who plan to raise pets.


The house is an ideal solution mainly for a large family. If you love children and want them to live nearby, want to improve the living conditions for everyone, create and leave the children a family nest-your own home is the best solution.

Although, of course, this is a serious step and responsibility, and whether a house outside the city is worth its money, it is up to you to decide finally and exclusively.