Myrtle Beach is one of the most popular beach resorts among Americans, located on the East coast of the United States, seven hours ‘ drive from Washington. The city’s name was given in honor of the shrub of wax myrtle growing in its vicinity. As it is also called, Myrtle Beach is developing rapidly, and right before our eyes, it has turned from a tiny town into a fashionable tourist cluster, stretching along the shore of the Sargasso Sea from the city of Little River to Georgetown. It is especially popular with family travelers with children and lovers of golf.

Interesting fact: The city of Myrtle Beach is separated from the mainland by a coastal channel, through which bridges and roads for both cars and pedestrians are built.

Any other reasons to come to Myrtle Beach?

  1. Myrtle Beach is a huge number of wide beaches. Well, as much as 60 miles!
  2. Myrtle Beach has hotels for just about everyone: luxury Compass Cove condos for sale five stars, mid-range, budget, and even has a campsite! You can also rent an apartment, live in an old-fashioned mansion, or a beach house. In general, housing for every taste and budget, as they say.
  3. There is always something to do besides surfing: museums, theaters, shows, gardens, various restaurants, sports events, and great shopping. Myrtle Beach is somewhat similar to Las Vegas, but without a casino, but with the Atlantic Ocean! I think it’s excellent!
  4. And the people in Myrtle Beach are very hospitable and friendly. And we saw this for ourselves!

Are there any downsides to Myrtle Beach?

Yes, sometimes there are jellyfish on the beaches, so you should be careful and follow the ads and ask the hotel about the current situation on the beaches. And, of course, observe safety measures: if the jellyfish has touched, then immediately pour sand on the burned place so that all parts of the jellyfish fall behind, lubricate with any alcohol, and then wash the skin with fresh water and soap.


Myrtle Beach weather – when is the best time to go

Weather is an important component of a beach holiday, and even more so on the East coast of the United States, where hurricanes often rage, marring the rest of tourists. Myrtle Beach has a humid subtropical climate.

What should you know about the weather on Myrtle Beach? It is quite changeable and depends on the season:

  • Autumn is a time of hurricanes and storms. It is difficult to predict in advance how intense the weather will be. But usually, all tornadoes and hurricanes avoid Myrtle Beach.
  • Summer is a hot and humid season with a lot of precipitation. It rains almost every day in the evening. And the air temperature is about +28 … 33°C. Very similar to Thailand with its rainy season.
  • Winter is very mild and short, from December to February. The air temperature drops to a comfortable +23 degrees during the day and can drop to +10 at night. At this time, a lot of winterers from the northern states and Canada come to Myrtle Beach.
  • Spring – refers more to summer and its acceleration. It gradually gets warmer at night and hotter during the day. And it’s not raining yet.

How to get to Myrtle Beach

How to get to this fabulous city with wide beautiful beaches? Very easy!

  • By plane. Myrtle Beach has its international airport. Direct flights are not available to all cities, so most likely, you will have to fly with connections in Atlanta, Charlotte, or New York (LaGuardia and New Ark) and Washington. A plane ride is the easiest way to get to Myrtle Beach. Remember when I said that this resort invites all travelers – from the rich to the backpackers? So, even the American low-cost airline Spirit flies to Myrtle Beach!
  • By car. From Interstate 95, take Route 501, which leads to Myrtle Beach. In total, you will need to drive 66 miles. It’s a long drive.
  • from Miami, 704 miles north.;
  • from New York-685 miles;
  • from Washington, 450 miles south;
  • from Atlanta (where you can take a car on arrival, for example) – 370 miles;
  • from Charlotte-190 miles;
  • the closest drive is from Savannah, where it’s convenient to stay for a day or two, 226 miles north.

Myrtle Beach Hotels

Before going to the beaches of Myrtle Beach, you need to choose a good hotel from their huge variety, as this place is very popular and the prices do not always match the service. In addition, despite the rather large selection of accommodation, the best options should be booked in advance.

Myrtle Beach Attractions – what to see

What to do in Myrtle Beach? Relax on the beach! The main thing is to choose from a great variety of suitable entertainment.

Here is a list of things to see and do during your vacation in Myrtle Beach:

  • Broadway at the beach – a huge mall with restaurants, bars, a movie theater, in general, there is a vibrant nightlife. There are also copycat Legends In Concert shows, where you can see tributes to stars of the past and present, Elvis Presley, Madonna, Michael Jackson, Britney Spears, and others. Then I caught myself thinking that Myrtle Beach is not only Vegas but also Thailand, where they also love such shows.
  • Barefoot Landing – a large tourist center with restaurants, cafes, shops. There are also theaters with nightly shows and mini-zoos with reptiles.
  • The Carolina Opry or any other show. As in Vegas, Myrtle Beach has a huge number of entertainment programs.
  • Carolina Wake Sports is an attractive place for water sports enthusiasts.
  • Myrtle Beach State Park is a park for wildlife lovers and a great beach where you can watch turtles, dolphins, and other animals and birds. Admission is $ 5 for adults and $3 for children. Located 8 miles south of the city.
  • Huntington Beach State Park is a wild and fascinating beach, swamps where alligators, turtles, and birds are found. Very similar to the Everglades National Park in Florida. Admission is $ 5. $3-for children. Located 16 miles south of Myrtle Beach.
  • Myrtle Beach Speedway-stadium for auto racing, including NASCAR.
  • Go to the basketball game and watch the Myrtle Beach Pelicans or go to the American football game at Myrtle Beach FC.
  • Medieval Times is one of the best family restaurants with live performances and interesting shows.
  • SkyWheel Ferris wheel and the Family Kingdom amusement park.


Myrtle Beach is recommended as an alternative to the loud Miami and the famous Las Vegas hotels in one package. Family tourists with children, young couples who do not like loud parties, or older people – they should all like Myrtle Beach.