Seattle-based multi-instrumentalist and producer duo Solstis got their break when they won Electric Forest’s Discovery Project in 2015 and now after collaborating for over a decade together, they leverage their love for electronic music and an innate desire to perform as a live band in their new four-track downtempo EP “As the Sun Hits (Vol. 1),” which is out on Lowly Palace. Since their creation in 2014, the duo has enjoyed success from their viral hit “Echoes”, to their exotic remixes for Melanie Martinez, collectively garnering over 25 million plays overall. Now, they’ve become extremely focused on transitioning away from point-and-click production to easy-listening instrumentation inspired by artists like the Smashing Pumpkins, Slowdive, Jai Wolf and ford. Their new EP is the culmination of over a year of this new experimentation with organic instrumentation and a different aesthetic style.