House legend Lil Louis\’ career might be over after suffering serious hearing damage in his left ear. During a sound check before his show in Manchester, someone Louis described as a \”manager\” ran up to him and blew a loud air horn just twelve inches away from his left ear. On the Lil Louis Official Fan Page on Facebook, Louis said it was the loudest thing he had ever heard and caused him immense pain right away.

The situation occurred at Sankey\’s in Manchester. Following the incident, Lil Louis was forced to cancel his set that night and was rushed to the hospital. There, he was diagnosed with Noise Induced Hearing Loss, or NIHL. The hearing loss is permanent. The DJ can\’t even stand up straight because the injury is so bad that his equilibrium is off.

We wish Lil Louis a quick recovery and hope his career will continue after such an unfortunate situation. Take a look at Louis\’ Facebook post about the incident below.


Via: Mixmag