Them feels; them \”summer\’s over\” feels.

Chicago native Ryan Raddon, best known as Kaskade, is a summer connoisseur. From headlining festivals around the globe to his \”Summer Lovin\” residency at Marquee Las Vegas, no one brings on the soothing summer vibes like him.

As we all mourn the coming of the end of summer, many of us are scrambling around while dealing with school, work, and everything in between. Kaskade instead is celebrating the end of an another successful summer; a final mark on this wonderful season is to be made. With the release of his latest single, he asks us all to join him and remember the great memories that came with summer. Summer Nights is aiming right at your feelings with a final listen to the warm sounds of summer.

Collaborating with The Brocks for vocals, the release of this tune has been highly anticipated since the beginning of the season itself. Kaskade has also provided a music video that portrays the track at its best. In the video, skateboarding  legend Brian Anderson helps out a kid who is struggling to land a few tricks on his deck. It builds a story in under 4 minutes that\’s well worth checking out.


Like the music video, there\’s a happy ending to this amazing summer; Chicago was blessed with amazing festival lineups (including Kaskade closing out Spring Awakening) and great summer vibes as usual. Next summer cannot come any sooner.

But wait, summer\’s not over yet. Gladly, we have North Coast coming up this weekend. See you there!