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By the end of this year, the CBD industry and its products are expected to reach $1 billion in worth. The numerous benefits for people have been widely recognized, and more and more customers are rushing to their local stores and online shops to purchase CBD products. Both health and wellness companies now use them, which means they can only become more popular and recommended. This is exactly the reason why you should take great care when choosing your respected CBD product. In this article, we will go over the most important tips you should know while considering whether or not to buy the desired CBD product. If you wish to find out more on the topic, navigate your way to

1. Product Extraction

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Depending on how the CBD oil is extracted from the hemp plant, the entire genetic makeup of the product you buy and consume is different. In order to get the oil out, the plant has to have pressure applied, which causes the trichomes to pop open. The plant then excretes its oils and the company collects it, bottle it, and sell it to customers. Because of this process, it is important how companies apply pressure. This is what separates high-quality products from the rest. If you want to buy CBD flower online then make sure you have done proper research prior to purchasing.

If the oil is extracted by heat, butane was probably used, which means butane chemicals came in touch with the cannabinoids in the extracted oil. Whenever aromatic chemicals come into contact with one another, there is a chemical reaction. These alter the genetics of every compound and influence the final product. Butane is hardly hazardous, and even if it removed from the product through the process of distillation, an interaction has already lefts its mark on the quality.

Instead of heat extraction, make sure to get a product from a company that uses CO2 or ethanol for oil pressuring the oil out. These natural solutions ensure that your desired cannabinoids stay intact during the process.

2. Hemp Growing Standards

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If you want your CBD product to be extracted the right way, you will also want it to be all-natural. It is a no-brainer really, because who wants to ingest pesticides alongside their go-to CBD treat. According to Wtphemp products that are made from the hemp of low quality were more often than not exposed to questionable foreign chemicals during their growth. Although designed to kill pests and sway away other creatures that would do the plant harm, they are also highly toxic and not good for the body of the consumer. Hemp easily soaks up anything and everything from the soil around it, so make sure your product came from a plant that grew in the right, natural conditions.

3. Broad-Spectrum is Important

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Before you buy any CBD products, you should know that there are two varieties out there, broad-spectrum CBD, and CBD isolates. It is also very important to get complete info and read the reviews at before buying any CBD product. Cannabis contains more than 100 cannabinoids in cannabis, but the latter, isolated CBD products contain only one sole cannabinoid in its oil. They are still efficient, but they are not nearly the highest quality available. This is because CBD works much better when multiple cannabinoids are working together. In broad-spectrum CBD products, there are more than 100 cannabinoids, over 30 terpenes, flavonoids, amino acids, glycerides, and omega fatty acids. Therefore, by getting broad-spectrum CBD, you will also ingest all of the beneficial ingredients of the plant, except THC.

4. Third-Party Testing

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As a customer, you have the right to question everything about the product you are interested in buying. This is why research is important because you should know everything there is about the product to stay safe. As supplement distributors, CBD companies you buy your products from should know what is in their products and never hide it. Third-party testing is therefore crucial when choosing a CBD product.

This type of testing is the best way to keep the company honest with their work. Testing companies have no benefits or motives to falsely report on or deny the legitimacy of the formula and the ingredients. Since the FDA does not yet have specific guidelines when it comes to CBD products, third-party tests are all the customers have. They allow them to educate themselves and make informed decisions.

Carefully navigate through the results you find and take your time. Look for foreign chemicals like traces of heavy metals, or anything else that may interfere with the final CBD product you will consume. If there are no tests for the product you want, it is better to move on from it since the company does not seem to hold the wellbeing of its customer in high regard.

5. Where are the CBD Products Sourced

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When you are in doubt about the place where your product comes from, the smartest thing you can do is buy the one from the United States of America. The hemp plant and the whole CBD industry by far have the strongest presence in the USA, and the products are a regulated commodity there. Most importantly, the product is likely to have a Farm Bill of Compliance.

Environmental aspects that surround the growth and the production of CBD products like the soil pH and climate impact the quality of the final product dearly. Before you buy something, take a look into where the company sources the plant from. The safest bet is if everything is sourced, grown, and produced in the USA. If the oil is from somewhere else, more research is necessary to determine whether or not you should get yourself involved.

6. Adequate Packaging

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Last but surely not least, we have the issue of packaging. How the CBD product is packaged almost equally matters as how the plant is grown, the oil extracted, and the product formulated. From the very moment a leaf of the hemp plant is picked up, it starts dying. It oxygenates rapidly and the valuable cannabinoids and other ingredients dissipate from it. This is why the best manufacturers go to great lengths to preserve the key natural elements. Still, all of them succumb eventually.

In order to prolong the life of a CBD product, only chose those that are stored in glass containers. Try to avoid plastic containers and packages as much as you can. Glass is impermeable and does not hold moisture, plus it is transparent. Amber glass containers are the perfect solution because they do not let the UV rays through.