As online casinos are getting more and more popular, many players probably ask themselves is it better to play it on PC, or download the app to their smartphone. Knowing that mobile games are more popular than PC ones, it’s expected that most of the players will choose them first. There are plenty of reasons for that, including the portability, and unlimited access to the game, no matter where they are. But, there are still those who claim the whole experience is better when played on the computer. When you play a mobile version of some game, you can expect lower graphics quality, especially if you own a mid- or low-budget smartphone. Also, the computers have big screens, which is good, since the player should be very careful and focused on the game.

When we play on small screens, it’s so easy to miss some important detail, but the main disadvantage of computers, in cases like this, is that you can’t take it together with you at bars, or family gatherings. Surely there are benefits and disadvantages on both sides, but it’s on you to choose which one you prefer. Here are the key differences between them:


1. The overall performance

No matter how far the technology goes, the computers will always have better processors and powerful graphic cards. Also, the screen resolution is very important, so you can see the details nicely. If you go to Playamo Casino and access it from a different device, you will see what we are talking about. An average iPhone or new generation of Samsung, Xiaomi, or Huawei have really strong performance, but we need to know that most of the population is using mid-budget smartphones, which means they may not be able to feel the complete experience. But, with the computers, it’s generally always the same, and in most cases, the experience is impressive.

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2. The size of the display

As we said, the size can improve the whole gambling experience. The details are more visible on the PC, and you can choose the screen you prefer, for an even better game. The mobile devices are indeed portable, and you can take them from one place to another in your pocket, but it’s easy to be distracted if you receive some notification, just at the moment when you have to be focused on the game.

3. People prefer mobile

No one wants to be tied to cables, a desk, or a huge device. Probably you’ve seen that a lot of games that were popular in the past, today they have their mobile versions or a standalone app that can be synced with the process. During the last months, mobile casinos boomed. They are a hot topic all around the world, and it’s pretty easy to download them, join the community, and play your favorite gambling activity. Today, everyone is trying to optimize their product for mobile devices, no matter if it’s a website or game. Young people prefer their phones and other portable devices over laptops and PCs. They use the computers just for work if they are not able to complete the task through their smartphone.

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4. The storage

Mobile devices are limited with the storage, and as you play, the game is downloading additional files, and they can take a lot of space in the memory. But, it will rarely happen if you use your computer. On the other hand, many developers are choosing cloud storage, making the smartphone versions more optimized for the particular device or operating system. New models are not that limited, but as we said, most of the people in the world own an average model of phone, and they may not be able to download it or access the cloud storage.

5. The portability

We already mentioned it a few times in this article, but it deserves a separate paragraph. When you gamble through your PC, you are getting an exceptional visual experience, but it’s not portable. The only exception can be your laptop, but it also can be too heavy, and you don’t have unlimited access to the Internet all the time. The display of your phone is smaller, but the device is portable, and if you don’t have Wi-Fi access, you can use your mobile Internet to gamble.

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6. The personal preference

This is a thing we can’t fight for. Some people won’t give up on their computer, no matter how modern and powerful the phone they have. On the other hand, you can give a supercomputer to someone, and they will still choose their smartphone over it. So, we can say that one of the significant key differences is the gambler’s preference, and if they prefer one device over the other, no one can make them change their opinion.

7. The efficient money transfer

When you win some money on an online casino, if you use your phone, you can easily withdraw the money and transfer them to your bank account, if you use an e-banking app. You can do the same using your computer, but the overall experience showed us that the apps are often more efficient when it comes to syncing with each other, so they can ease the user’s life.


8. Live chats are easier on PC

The smaller display has a huge disadvantage over the big one – you can’t open a lot of separate tabs and windows and still see what’s happening in the game. Those who gamble on live casino mostly prefer the computers, because they can easily chat and talk to the other players, without missing any important detail in the game.

So, here they are – eight key differences between the PC and mobile online gambling. There are probably a lot more to be covered, but they are related to these ones, and now you have a better image of which one is better for you. Remember, you are the one who is deciding how would you play. Choose it smartly and get lucky!