Cash Cash played the Concord Music Hall on Friday night to a rapturous crowd of fans. React Presents brought the trio\’s Must Be the Money Tour to Chicago from their residency at the Marquee in Las Vegas. Cash Cash proved their world-class status with a set that was truly mindblowing. Their music is infectious, upbeat, sweeping electro house—so much so, that it was hard not to be caught up in the euphoric rush of everything Cash Cash. In a word, the show was stunning.

Cash Cash played all their hits. Signature songs like \”Surrender\” and \”Take Me Home\” thundered in all their anthemic glory, prompting every fan to sing along in gleeful abandon. Cash Cash seemed just as swept up by the experience of the music as we fans were, enticing the crowd into further joy by waving banners, calling out over the microphone, and jumping up and down. New hits like \”Millionaire\” were showcased alongside others\’ EDM tracks, such as Arty\’s \”Together We Are.\” Cash Cash is as much about the synthesized wonder of the music, as it is about the powerful vocals which accompany it. The masterpiece melodies, transplanting the best of pop into their brand of EDM, created a perfectly ebullient atmosphere.

Cash Cash showed Chicago a lot of love, and much respect, by treating us to the best of their Vegas act. From the dazzling lights, pulsating screen projections, to the confetti and fog cannons, Cash Cash made for a completely mezmerizing performance. EDM, arguably, uses the visual elements of a show to enhance the music: this is not because the music itself is incapable of standing on its own, but because the genre developed as an assault on all the senses. In this, EDM is totally unique in the music world. Cash Cash capitalized on the relationship between the music and the sensory experience in a way that was profitable for those senses. Cash Cash must have been as impressed but us Chicagoans as we were by them:

They say time flies when you\’re having fun. This was so true in the case of Cash Cash\’s show, that my only complaint was how brisk it felt. That said, I will definitely have to see them again and again to take in the enrapturing quality of their art. It may have gone by in a flash and a blur, but Cash Cash provided the best time that this genre can offer. Download their amazing album Blood, Sweat & 3 Years from Big Beat Records and treat yourself to a sonic high. Simply put, Cash Cash at the Concord was stellar.

Photo by Ryan Pergola.