Capshun and Quiet Bison have teamed up to produce a new single aptly titled “Acai Tower”. The song features a lush soundscape filled with deep bass and beautiful vocals that add to the allure. The song may remind you of walking through a deep forest for a reason.

“Originally I was envisioning the space this track lived in, I imagined nature and the exploration of this deep and lush forest that has never been explored. Quinn came to me with the name ‘Acai Tower’ and I knew that was the perfect choice.” – capshun

“It had a vibrant and lush sound so I imagined an abstract place where fruit was floating freely and the walls were coated in a color that was close to Jasper. Kind of abstract but that’s just what I thought of…” – Quiet Bison

Both artists are preparing for a busy 2023. Capshun is currently preparing for the release of his debut EP in the coming months. Quit Bison will be joining DROELOE on their upcoming tour A Promise is Made.