I know it’s not exactly 3am here in New York, but it’s pretty close. So of course, here I am, stuck somewhere in my feels with Bronze Whale and their glossy new album The Shape of Things, out now on their own label Magic Magic. And man, let me tell you – this thing is sure made for those 3 AM Feelings.

A watery dissection of raw emotion and musical passion, The Shape of Things brings together the best of Bronze Whale. A dynamic work of lovely musicality, this album touches on every high and low through synths, vocal chops, and thoughtful storytelling. Every single track takes listeners on a unique ride through their feels. I mean, take one listen to “Mountain Lane” and tell me you don’t feel something.

Though I could go into endless depths about these lovely tracks, I’ll let you figure out what they mean to you. Listen to Bronze Whale’s The Shape of Things below, and get cozy into your 3 AM feels.