A nightclub can be more than just a place where individuals come together to appreciate music. For some a nightclub is a home away from home. Sadly Wednesday night Ybor City skies were covered with black smoke from a fire that broke out at the Amphitheatre Event Facility (my home away from home) located in Tampa, Florida. The fire broke out around 8:00 p.m. and has been recorded as 3-Alarm fire and took 20 firefighters more than six hours to tame it. Everyone who was in the building made it safely out while one firefighter went to the hospital due to heavy smoke inhalation, but is expected to make a full recovery.

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Once news broke out to me about this situation I felt a dark void consume my chest. This was the first club that I ever went to. I discovered so many new djs, new friends, new sounds, and in a way you can kindly say a new life. I went to my first show at the Amphitheatre with my brother and his girlfriend when I finally turned 18 and it was a Rusko show. That night changed my life all for the better and at that moment in time, I knew that once I moved to Tampa for college Amp would become my second home and it did. The Tampa electronic dance music scene is unique because we all act as one big family towards each other. I will never forget both of Triontal\’s tours, Zedd, Slander, and every other spontaneous club night adventure I had with my friends. This is not goodbye. What will fall will rise again and the Amphitheatre Event Facility will rise from their ashes bigger, stronger, and even better than before. Keep those positive thoughts and vibes. #AMPFam

Source: WFLA

Photo Credit: Amphitheatre FB/Rudegirlphotos