Los Angeles based house duo Bósa team up with K!NGS and Neaks for their enigmatic new track “Diamond Roads.” A stunning meeting of masterful percussion and classic house elements, “Diamond Roads” is the meeting of all we love about house fused with breaks and hip-hop goodness. Bósa truly has a knack for spanning far beyond the typical bounds of genre; the duo possesses a cutting-edge sound that doesn’t quite fit in any one box. “Diamond Roads” is yet another testament to their boundary pushing sound, and we’re excited to be the first to share it with you today.

“We’re fortunate to have had fun while collaborating with some great friends towards creating what we feel is a unique combination of our individual flavors. With the added components of hip-hop style, vocals and a brass section created by using the trumpet, we tried to target this song towards a wider demographic while remaining true to our authentic style and flavor.”Bósa