After being accused of stealing a track called \”WTFIWWY\” by Dubstep king Skrillex, Borgore is once again making headlines for ripping an idea off of OWSLA\’s frontman. In a recent posting of new material on both Snapchat and Facebook, Borgore was showing off new material for an upcoming album he says he has. Within those video clips, Borgore played a snippet of a new song that sounded all too familiar.

A few months ago during ADE 2015, Skrillex held an OWSLA & Friends party which was livestreamed for all via Beatport. During the stream, Skrillex decided to drop an old \”Skrillex & Knife Party demo\” from 2012, and rips of the track went on to amass over 220,000 plays on SoundCloud. Needless to say, it was a really awesome idea that a ton of Skrillex fans loved.

Fast forward to now, and it appears that Borgore understood that the original track would probably never see the light of day, and directly ripped it for new material. While it is possible that Borgore teamed up with Skrillex and Knife Party to finish the track, fans of both Skrillex and Knife Party know that when an idea is scrapped, it\’s scrapped. So did Borgore rip off Skrillex and Knife Party\’s unreleased track? Only time will tell. Check out the original idea played out by Skrillex in comparison to Borgore\’s version below:

Skrillex & Knife Party – \”Halo\” ID (OWSLA @ ADE 2015)

Borgore – ID