BONNIE X CLYDE have seemed to be on some world takeover since the inception of their career. Since 2015, their musical journey birthed two EP’s and countless hit singles. Now, the powerhouse duo release their “The Good Life” music video via Ultra Records.

“The true message is not about about flaunting money and all the material things, people assume that one day there will be this moment in their life where they’ve “made it” but that is SO FALSE. People perceive ‘making it’ as having money and being able to do whatever you please, but no matter how far you’ve come, you’ll always going to want company. The Line ‘I’m Just looking for a good time, But I can’t do it by self, if we could have it all for 1 night , that’s the Good Life’ personifies the true message. What is really most important is to live in the moment with the people you love. That is where you will find your ‘Good Life’…”BONNIE X CLYDE