Just yesterday, Blasterjaxx took to Twitter with some unexpected and unfortunate news that their car had been stolen.

The electronic music duo included a picture of their car in the post, a black 4-door Audi Q5 with the license plate 81-ZXJ-6.  Fans were asked to retweet the post and contact them via email if they had any tips or information on the theft.  It is unknown exactly where the car was stolen, but suggests that it could have been in Brazil since that is where the two are currently touring as well as spending time in the studio.


As of now it appears that no one has any information on the stolen car.  On Twitter, some fans showed sympathy and others didn\’t show any concern when tweeting the group to simply \”buy another one.\”  It seems as if the car still is reported missing since Blasterjaxx hasn\’t released any updates on the situation.  The duo did however mention in a recent tweet that they are now headed for Sao Paulo.  As the saying goes, the show must go on!