Black Tiger Sex Machine’s newest single REVOLT has been released on Kannibalen Records this week. The high-powered synths give this electronic track a powerful twist. I spoke with the trio of apex predators about the single, there trademark helmets and merchandising.

Download it for free here.

Can you describe \’REVOLT\’ in 5 words?

Raw distorted punchy electro craziness.

Why are you giving it away as a freebie?

It\’s the third anniversary of our record label, Kannibalen Records, so we want to give stuff away to all the fans who have been supporting our music since the beginning.

Can you tell us the story behind the trademark tiger helmets? How do they look on the inside?

The Tiger Helmets are the visual representation of our identity. They really add a lot of atmosphere to our shows because we tend to turn off all the lights except for the LEDs around our eyes. They turn our concerts into dark, grimy sci-fi odysseys. On the inside, they have a battery pack, some wiring and a construction-helmet style harness. Nothing too complicated or fancy; they just get the job done. Props to our buddy Gabriel Hebert for designing and building them!

How is it to work with Kannibalen Records and what is the best moment you\’ve had with the label so far?

We run the label so it\’s great to have full control over branding, distribution, scheduling and every other aspect of the releases, even though it\’s a lot of work to coordinate everything. We can\’t really pick one specific moment we\’ve had with the label. I think the best part so far has just been seeing all our artists grow so much and create some amazing music.

Which movie(s) represent your musical careers best?

Probably a mix of Star Wars, Apocalypse Now and The Hangover. We\’re really like a band of brothers working towards a common goal while struggling with both our inner demons and outside forces, with a lot of crazy hijinks along the way.

You guys seem to love merchandising. Can you come up with a brand new piece of BTSM merch that will blow people’s minds?

We are currently developing a BTSM-branded line of spice mixes, for when you want your steak tasting just right! Put some Tiger in your T-bone!