Powerhouse Above & Beyond debuted their music video for their new song, We’re All We Need, at Times Square in NYC last night. The track is also the name of their upcoming album. The video is a tribute to the classic film, Thelma & Louise, with all the pivotal movie sequences. The Thelma & Louise reference sets the perfect stage to capture the essence of the new track, a definite trance anthem with beautiful and soulful vocals done by Zoe Johnston.

Above & Beyond commented on their new single:

“As the writing process unfolded we kept noticing a recurring theme. Zoe hit it on the head with the beautiful song “We’re All We Need” and, after a minute’s thought, we had our album title. It’s very Above & Beyond and feels to us like a development of Group Therapy: you are most certainly included in our “We!”

“No song on the album embodies these themes more than the aforementioned title track “We’re All We Need.”