As you already know, vacuum storage packs are ideal for efficiently utilizing the storage space you have. Since they come in a wide array of sizes, you could utilize them for packing almost everything, from your clothing to your pillows, all the way to your shoes. And, since summer is here, it might be time to pack up your blankets until next winter.

However, with so many options available in various online stores, you may be wondering which ones are the best to use during this year. Luckily for all people that are asking themselves the same thing, our article below can help! Here is our list of the best four storage bag companies, as well as some information on what you have to consider when browsing for the best option:

1. Best in General – “SpaceSaver”


Benefits: 75% of Air is Drawn Out, Thicker Seals, Long-lasting Zippers

Drawbacks: No Size Choices

The first option that you may want to purchase is SpaceSaver. These particular packs are ideal for bedding such as cushions and coverings. It features thicker seals and double zippers, which basically implies that you won’t need to care about air being left inside the pouch. Additionally, it has a Turbo valve, which won’t only guarantee that over 75% of air gets sucked out, but it’ll also guarantee that you could utilize it with any vacuum, no matter what brand you own.

Now, there is a drawback to opting for this label – the packs don’t come in diverse sizes. This means that, if you wish to store some smaller things such as your shoes, socks, winter gloves/scarves/caps, this particular brand might not be suitable for you. Hence, if you need to store larger items, you should opt for this particular brand, and if not, choosing a different one from our list below might be better for you.

2. Best Size Chart – “Simple Houseware”


Benefits: Large Sizes, Waterproof, Durable Zippers

Drawbacks: No Small Packs

Next on our list is a company that offers storage pouches in a wide array of sizes. You could choose from 4 distinct sizes such as two jumbos, 5XL, four large, and medium. Hence, no matter how many blankets you’ll need to store, opting for one of these dimensions will probably be sufficient for you. The seal lids are also turbo, implying that you could utilize it with any device, without needing to buy a pump that’ll be suitable.

Besides this, the dual zippers will stop air and humidity from penetrating the sacks, thus, you won’t need to worry about mildew developing and ruining your clothes or sheets. Again, like the aforementioned option, this particular brand doesn’t offer smaller options, indicating that they won’t be appropriate for holding smaller things. Nonetheless, since you have to use them for blankets, they’ll be excellent for you.

3. Best For Saving Additional Space in a Wardrobe – “Taili’s Bags”

Benefits: Waterproof, Hanging Feature, Comes in Two Sizes

Drawbacks: A Bit Complicated to Use

Next are hanging bags that come in 2 distinct sizes – long and short. Like all the other products on our list, this one also comes with an amazing valve system, meaning that it’ll be simple for you to get rid of all the air from the sack. Furthermore, you could connect it to a vacuum and press it with your hand at the same time, which is something that’ll be less time-consuming when packing your blanket. However, this particular process also makes the bags a bit harder to utilize.

An important thing that we must mention about them is that they come with zippers in varying colors, which suggests that you could quickly determine the bag you’re searching for. Additionally, they’re watertight and they could also be hung in your wardrobe, which is something that’ll save a lot of space in your house. If you’re interested in purchasing this particular item, you could choose to see more info on Taili hanging vacuum storage bags.

4. Best Package – “HiBag”


Benefits: Watertight, 20 Bags in a Package, Various Zippers

Drawbacks: Not Fitting For All Vacuums

If you’re, for instance, going to move to a new house, you may require a lot of storage packs. If so, this particular brand might turn out to be the most suitable for you, mostly because you can buy a package that includes 20 packs. They do come in diverse sizes, thus, you could pack your things in jumbo, big, medium, small, and roll-up options, thus, you could make sure that you’re able to pack and transport all your items safely.

The design of the zippers is also quite amazing, mostly because they come in diverse colors, hence when you’re unpacking at your new house, you’ll be capable of easily identifying which bag contains which items. There is one drawback that you might not like about this particular brand – you cannot utilize it with all vacuum cleaner labels, thus, if you don’t own a suitable pump, you’ll have to purchase one.

Some Things That You Must Consider

Before we conclude this guide, there are a few things that we must mention, all of which will help you determine which option from our list is appropriate for you. Of course, since you’ll be packing blankets, you’ll require larger storage bags, however, this isn’t the only thing that you should think about. For starters, you must think about the materials these items are made of. Although they’re manufactured from plastic, their durability will vary.

Thus, you should look for ones manufactured from long-lasting and strong materials such as polymers. Also, don’t forget to check whether or not the ones you’re thinking about getting can be utilized with different vacuums since if you don’t do this, you’ll have to purchase a specific pump, which will only increase your expenses. Lastly, look at the zipper and seal structure since these things will determine how airtight the products are.



As you could read and learn, there is a wide array of vacuum storage bags that you could opt for purchasing. You should remember that you must inspect the specifications of each item we’ve mentioned before purchasing so that you can make sure that you’re getting something that’s fitting for your needs.

Since you’re now well aware of the storage packs that you could opt for purchasing, you might not want to lose any more of your time. Instead, you may want to select one of the brands we’ve mentioned above and then start searching for a company that can offer you the products you need at an affordable price.